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Stardate: Supplemental

Jul 23, 2018

Riker is taking an internship on the IKS Pagh to make up for some missing Academy credits and he's a bit overeager to improve Klingon/Human "relations". He'd better hope he's been keeping his bones strong, because Vekma the "Klingon lady Riker" of the Pagh has polished her headridge and is ready to show the ship's newest guest a damn good time. Meanwhile, the Brothers Weems want to know if it's a cold open or a soft open, and talk about fans of the show Bob & Kevin of the Bob & Kevin Show. Is Mendon merely an annoying ensign or the most annoying ensign? Can time-travelling actor turned officer Viggo keep up with Klingon keg-stands? Prep your gag reflex because there's a whole pile of live gagh coming your way.