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Stardate: Supplemental

Oct 1, 2018

The IKS T'Ong has been taking a power nap for the last 75 years, and awakes in a different era with different rules. How is Captain K'Temoc, Klingon death metal Dahar master, supposed to drop a new single for his comeback tour if the empire isn't at war? Fortunately for him, there's a ton of Federation outposts he can roast with disruptor fire to get some free publicity while his second-in-command updates the ship's Ferengify account. Unfortunately for him, Federation special emissary is wearing her second-best jumpsuit and power heels to reign the ship in. What's with Worf's dead romances? Would K'Temoc do a joint tour with Microbrain? Would Pumpkin Spice Blood Wine be a thing? Shields up, it's more Klingons!